Unobscured office floor provides visibility, stimulating fluid communications between employees. Extensive windows offering views overlooking the pleasant scenes of Tokyo reinforce our motivations.

Meeting rooms

One main conference room and two compact meeting rooms, capable of managing meetings of varying sizes and themes. Each room has its own projector set/display monitor, making smooth information sharing possible.


A well-equipped laboratory where our research team can carry out performance tests and quality inspections for the wide range of products that we handle.

CEO’s office

Adorned with wide windows yielding a vast outlook of Tokyo, the CEO office is merely separated by clear, glass walls. This symbolizes the transparent, candid – and sometimes breezy – communication environment that exists between executives and employees.


With white and sky-blue as central theme colors, the entrance is spaciously open and brightly lit. Accompanied by an abundance of natural light, the space gives off a welcoming and courteous atmosphere for our visitors.

Locker room

Space to hang our coats and store personal belongings. Counter-top tables are set up alongside windows with a view; a popular spot for our employees to relax during break time and enjoy their lunch.